About us



XIX Palms (“Nineteen Palms”) is a bohemian lifestyle brand based on the island of Oahu. Our clothing is as bold and versatile as the woman wearing it.  Whether she is at the beach, out for a night on the town, or festival bound, she is effortlessly chic. We transform the familiar into the unique by combining urban and tropical vibes that only the islands bring.

Who is XIX Palms? Ali, the designer and owner, is just like you.  Although she works steadfastly to bring you these styles – she also enjoys a long day at the beach, playing with her rad Mini-Aussie, Mowgli, and her husband.  Her day wouldn’t be complete without a workout at her local yoga studio.  Ali creates clothes that inspire her.  She only designs clothing that she rocks herself, so you can rest assure that anything on our site has her stamp of approval.  

Ali reminisces about when she was dreaming of the brand, “I was sitting under a Palm one day and trying to come up with a unique label. I was asking myself what were some of the significant instances in my life that inspire me. I was raised in diverse and beautiful places; Dana Point, California, Sun Valley, Idaho and Kona, Hawaii.  My talented, artistic mother always made it a point to include at least one palm tree in every one of her paintings.  It was her signature and also one of the many things I have always admired about her.  She believes that mistakes are art and it is within each mistake that a unique creation is made. Along with palms, I knew I wanted to add something else to make our label unique. Recently, I got matching tattoos with my 2 best friends.  One of them survived a monumental tragedy. The tattoo we share includes XIX.  Why XIX?  The 19th is significant because it marks the date that my best friend had finally recovered enough (for all 3 of us) to walk and support the research of brain injuries.  XIX signifies courage and strength.  The amalgamation of this courage, strength, and resilience combined with the beauty of palms signifies what encompasses our company, XIX Palms.”